Path™ Event Learning Platform

Blue Sky Path™ LMS Platform

The Path for Online Learning Success

The Blue Sky Path™ Event Learning Platform is a cloud-based approach to educational content management and designed specifically for lecture-based learning applications.

Optimized to deliver media content from educational events, Path allows you to manage all of your content, such as conference recordings, recorded lectures from live and virtual meetings, as well as traditional e-learning presentations, in an easy-to-use, rapidly deployed, digital library that enhances learning for worldwide audiences.

Choose your PATH™ Library:  There are three distinct library configurations depending on your virtual learning business model.

Path™ Event
Learning Management System

A full-featured Learning Management System built specifically to serve event-based learning programs. Designed to leverage lecture-based presentations for continuing education and training, this platform includes assessments, certification, bookmarking, registration and e-commerce.  Available in Bronze, Silver & Gold editions.


Path™ Event
Content Library

This fully-customizable library delivers the content to a defined audience and includes a robust registration engine that can be integrated with other databases to allow viewing parameters, like unlimited viewing for members while protecting / limiting content access for the general public.


Path™ Event
Revenue Driver Library

This is a new program designed specifically for event organizers that want a state-of-the-art platform to sell conference recordings and previously recorded webinars.  The Path™ Event Revenue Driver Library includes a significant amount of features designed for the event organizer to monetize content.



Path’s Standard Options Include:

Unlimited Storage
Large amounts of content? No problem! Path™ allows users to store an unlimited amount of all types of rich media  without any additional fees.


Mobile Optimized
Using a tablet or phone? Path™ is fully-responsive, which means the content  is optimized to display on every device on every platform.


Sell content with Path’s built-in shopping cart. Use third-party payment gateways or your AMS system. Coupon codes, group pricing options.


Custom Branding
Design custom content to support company branding, website and collateral;  banners, images, icons, copy and more.



Reporting Dashboard
From a high-level dashboard to robust detailed reports – access  the tools needed to quickly gauge content and user activity.


Live Web Event Registration
Simple registration for upcoming webinars, hybrid events and live webcasts. Add descriptions, speaker bios, photos and resources.


Adobe Connect Integration
Use Blue Sky’s Adobe Connect license or your own – participants seamlessly register with our integrated registration engine.


AMS Integration
Path’s flexible API can be connected to most Association Management Systems to provide single sign-on and a streamlined experience.



Upgrade to the Path™ Event LMS to access:

Pre-test or post-test, multiple choice or true/false, Path has the ability to add assessments and notify you when users pass or fail.


Path’s professional certificate builder allows you to create fully-customizable certificates of completion to reinforce user success.


Need to measure participant satisfaction? Utilize Path’s evaluation functionality to easily create surveys and reports.


Have questions about improving the performance and delivery of your content? Contact Path™ support for best practices.



Interested in learning how Path™ can deliver your content?

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Blue Sky Broadcast provides a full range of learning technologies that include a proprietary learning management system and a complete set of event services.

We help organizations capture educational content from either live or virtual settings, then manage and deliver that content to a global audience through our learning platform.

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Path™ Event Learning Platform