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The Blue Sky Path™ Event Learning Platform is a cloud-based approach to educational content management and designed specifically for lecture-based learning applications. Optimized to deliver media content from educational events, Path allows you to manage all of your content, such as conference recordings, recorded lectures from live and virtual meetings, as well as traditional e-learning presentations, in an easy-to-use, rapidly deployed, digital library that enhances learning for worldwide audiences.

Choose your PATH™ Library:  There are three distinct library configurations depending on your virtual learning business model.

Path™ Event LMS – This platform is for education & training teams that have historically delivered learning programs as lecture based presentations.  This full featured Learning Management System has been built specifically to serve event based learning programs in a rich media format that is designed to leverage lecture based presentations for continuing education and training purposes. The platform includes assessments, certification, bookmarking, registration and ecommerce.  Available in Bronze, Silver & Gold editions, organizations can chose the best edition based on the amount of projected users, size of the organization and usage.

Path™ Event Content Library – This library allows the event organizer to deliver the content for free to a defined audience.  This platform is completely customizable and includes a robust registration engine and has the ability to be seamlessly integrated with other databases to allow viewing parameters such as unlimited viewing for members or conference delegates while having limited or no content access for the general public.

Path™ Event Revenue Driver Library   This is a new program designed specifically for event organizers that want a state-of-the-art platform to sell conference recordings and previously recorded webinars.  The Path™ Event Revenue Driver Library includes a significant amount of features designed for the event organizer to monetize content.  

FLEXIBLE ADMINISTRATIVE OPTIONS - Blue Sky offers full- and self-service administration options, offering you the flexibility to manage your knowledge center yourself or have our client services team manage everything.

  • ASSESSMENTS, TESTING AND CERTIFICATION – Assess participants through our integrated testing engine, which includes a state-of-the-art certificate builder providing unlimited flexibility and customizations that is unlike anything in the industry.
  • REPORTING - Securely access, track and review reports for all user activity including certifications, user profiles, utilization data, and assessment results providing a full audit trail from a centralized system.
  • GROUP PERMISSIONS – Simplify the management of users and administrators with permission settings based on profiles and roles, restricting access to certain content or tracks based on the user’s status.
  • API INTEGRATION - Simplify the integration process with most major database systems including turn-key integration with providers such as Avectra/Abila and iMIS and.
  • eCOMMERCE - With fully integrated eCommerce functionality, Blue Sky Path facilitates additional revenue opportunities from the sale and distributions of your educational content.
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING - Benefit from additional word-of-mouth exposure and referrals through the power of social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • MODULE PRODUCTION - Convert your historic presentation recordings into on-demand learning modules, offering a visually dynamic educational experience for users. Modules can be built from archived content; programs captured by other providers, live streaming webcasts and recorded webinars regardless of format.


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